Birthday Suit

by black fox on January 27, 2012 · 0 comments

Today I’m taking a client to shop for his 30th birthday look. Thirty is a big birthday, and our client has a lot to celebrate, so it’s important to make sure he looks the part. His event is being held at cool restaurant in DC, followed up with drinks at the W, so staying streamlined and classic were as important as taking a risk and staying true to who he is. As the man of the hour, planning out your attire is imperative, and luckily my client knows that- he gave me a call earlier this week, and we’ve been going back and forth about what I think works best for him, and what he thinks he’d like to feel like on the big day.

Today, I wanted to share the inspiration pictures that we’ve been basing the look around.

You probably looked at those and feel like the look is all over the place, but we’re taking certain elements from each of the pictures and making them work for him. That’s what style is all about: taking something you love and making it work for you and your environment.

I’ll make sure that you see the final product, but just remember that when it’s your time to be the center of attention, make sure that you’re dressed like the man you should be, not necessary the man that you are. Plus, don’t forget that a big birthday party is the perfect excuse to be the badass that you know you are.

Take a risk. Try something new.

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