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One of our favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2012 is cuffing your pants. It’s a great way to change up your standard look and show off your favorite pair of patterned socks. You know how we are here, we like anything that pushes you beyond what you consider to be normal and into the realm of what you consider to be daring. Try something new. Anyways, there are no rules to cuffing, but typically you’ll want to do about a 1/2-1″ cuff, but do what feels good to you. Here are four of our favorite ways that we’re seeing cuffing being done right now:

Menswear | Chino Cuffs | Spring/Summer 2012 | TrendsThis look has been done for generations with preppy men around the world, but translate this to your favorite pair of khakis or chinos, throw on your favorite loafers or kicks and be out the door. You can wear this with a tee-shirt or with a button down, tie and jacket.

Menswear | Suiting Cuffs | Spring/Summer 2012 | TrendsLike we just mentioned, this is major in suiting right now. Have your tailor sew the cuff up so that it’s permanently there and you won’t have to worry about it sitting well on top of your shoe.

Menswear | Denim Cuffs | Spring/Summer 2012 | TrendsGive your socks a little time to shine.

Menswear | Detailed Cuffs | Spring/Summer 2012 | TrendsWe always have to give you an option to take a risk, so if you’re willing, have your tailor sew in a pattern or a varying fabric into the cuff. This way, when you turn it up, you have a whole second story to tell.

What do you think about the cuff trend? Are you willing to give it a try?

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